Complicated Menu- Can this be done?

Can Elixir Graphics Foundry do this?

I am looking for what is likely a pretty complicated menu set-up.

Split menu
tier 1 Horizontal across the top
tier 2 vertical in sidebar

Hamburger menu with the word menu visible
tier1 and tier 2 both visible upon click

Desktop and Mobile
Is it possible to create a fixed header with a logo in it that shrinks when scrolling?

I don’t need a tutorial just need to know if it can be done.

Thanks for your help!

If I’m understanding correctly you’re looking for a split navigation. That is not a possibility. It would take a very specific stack design to pull that off. You could manually build a secondary navigation for the “sidebar” but it would not get automatically incorporated into the “hamburger” menu for mobile devices.

I have ideas for other navigation styles for the future, including one that might be a manually created navigation system, but that is far off, and I’m not sure it would 100% match what you’re wanting to do either. Sorry.

I understand. Thank you for getting back with me! :slight_smile:

So putting all that aside. Is it possible to make a fixed top menu bar the resize on scroll? Like this. (for functionality only)

In the Navigation bar stack you can set a different height for each of the three breakpoints:

There are currently limits on the upper and lower side of the values for these heights. You cant go below 55 px or above 80 px currently. This is in an attempt to make sure the Navigation Bar’s layout looks and functions well across all displays.

I look exactly the same function for switching to Foundry.

I look exactly the same function for switching to Foundry.

Which functionality would that be?

A fixed top menu bar - resize on scroll (with the logo that shrinks when scrolling).

You’re in luck. See my above post. :grinning:

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So the settings above will automatically shrink the menu bar when scrolling? I don’t see any animation. Sorry these are all pre-sales questions.

It does shrink it down in size if you choose different sizes for the various breakpoints. There is no animation.

Ok thank you for letting me know!

Not a problem at all.