Components of website address

Hi everyone, and thank you for the great support.

I am trying to figure out how to get rid of the generic “page-XX” in the different pages of my website.

Here is an example:

Here is what I have under the Meta Data section:

Browser Title: I left this field blank
Folder: thedy_veliz
Filename: veliz.html

I can’t find the field where it says “page 27” so that I can change it.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you again for the help.


Check your General settings tab and see if it is the URL that you have set for the project. Or else, check your Publishing path that you have set up.

That is your page’s Folder Name, which you can change in the Page Inspector. It is recommended to leave the page name as either index.html or index.php, depending on whether it a PHP page or not. You will want to set the folder name to be representative of the content found on the page. For example: photos, contact-us, blog, etc.

You can find the folder name setting here:

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I am still confused. Here is how the page inspector looks like right nowpage inspector

everything makes sense to me except I don’t know where “page 27” is coming from

Send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I’ll have a quick look. You can post it as a Dropbox download link here or send me a direct message. Your choice.

Could it be that in RW you have the page in question nested inside, or sub to, another one which has the folder setting to “page 27”. Something like this:

Oh, and just FYI, the link from your logo is incorrect and gives a 404 error. It looks like there is an inappropriate “www” placed at the end of the URL.

Hi Rhett, thank you. Yes - it had to do with the nesting. I know what to do now.

Regarding the link to the logo, perhaps you have some insight on how to fix that. I created a global menu which contains the Nav Bar stack. The logo is being populated from the Branding section - you can see in the attached image that the logo is being pulled from the “Rapidweaver Site Logo” which I set up in the General section under Settings in Rapidweaver.

Hopefully I am making sense

I’m sure Adam could definitively answer the issue with your logo very quickly if you’ve sent him a copy of your project.

But, in the meantime just double check that same tab where you set up your logo image - General Settings, and the “Web Address”. Pretty sure that is where the logo pulls its URL from. If it isn’t that then you’ll have to wait for someone to take a look at your project file.

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Like @Bioguy mentions – post up your project file and I will be glad to take a look at your problem.

RW7 Summer 2017 Site V3 07.11.17 TO SHARE Overview (1.7 MB)

Thanks! Took a look. Your logo it linking to the URL you have setup in the Web Address field within the General settings for your project file, as @Bioguy pointed out in his reply above. This is the intended behavior.