Configuring Column Stack

I’ve tried my best to get two text blocks and one image block to line up, but haven’t been successful. I want the two text block aligned left and adjacent to each other, the the image on the right aligned right and level with the two text blocks. Can anyone help? Dropbox - Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 3.38.57 PM.png - Simplify your life

You’ll need to provide us with more information. Best bet would be to provide us a ZIP file containing your project file. You can share the ZIP file with us by using WeTransfer. Once uploaded there share the download URL here with us so we can see how you’ve configured things and offer feedback.

Have you tried looking at the documentation - it’s really comprehensive, with videos, too.

Every stack has a page, clearly explaining the configuration options.

With the columns stack, towards the bottom of the settings, you can set equal height columns, and when you do, it then gives you the option to vertically centre them. If you then place paragraph/image stacks into the columns, you can align each of them within each column.