Contact form not sending emails

I have used the standard contact form from the Spark pre-built project in my website (and just changed the email address in ‘your information’ to my own). At first this worked fine, but I have realised that any emails sent through this form are not arriving, despite the “Success! Your message has been sent” message appearing. Has anyone else had this problem?

Are you using a Gmail or Yahoo email address? If so, that could be the problem.

Some web hosts require that your email address has the same domain as your website.

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No. The email address is the same domain as the website

Have you checked “Send using your email address” in the advanced section at the bottom of the form settings?

If it’s not that, I’m not sure what it could be.

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I haven’t done this, but cannot
not find where the advanced section is. Where abouts would I find this? I only can find the sections to input the email address and change the labels, but cannot see anything more. Thanks for your help with this!

It was added as an update a month or two ago. Are you using the latest version of Foundry?

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Ah - I have not. Perhaps that is the problem. Would you know how to update Foundry? Do I need to buy it again?

You don’t need to buy it again. There are regular updates to add new features and squash bugs, so it’s a good idea to update.

If you click on the “Library” button, you should see that updates are available (marked in red).

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Thanks. I have made these updates and hope it solves the problem. Thanks for all of your help!