Contact Form Reveal Trick?

So I want to have a contact form option without creating a dedicated page for just a single contact form. What I would like to do is have the navigation bar as an email icon (font awesome), to activate a reveal stack, (like JW’s Peek-a-boo.)

I tried setting this up using the Offsite page for my font awesome icon, but I’m not sure how to setup the link inside the offsite options URL to make this work (if it’s possible.) With the normal link builder in RW7, you can add class and the data-pab - I don’t know if there’s a way to do this using the offsite option.

My preference is to have the action start from the navigation bar so as to keep it subtle. The webpage is a reference site for a working stunt performer, so actually sending an email is something that won’t happen often, but the option should be there should someone want it.

Any ideas?

What you’re looking to do isn’t a feature of Foundry or its Navigation Bar bat this time. You might look at the Modal stack that comes with Foundry. You could insert your Form into that.

How about activating a reveal stack (like JW’s peek a boo) from the social badges stack? It allows me to set custom attributes, but for some reason doesn’t want to work. Or a way to trigger Focus or Modal stacks from Social Badges?

Ah, I just read about Focus and it being an overlay that morphs. I think I have to go the FA route and create custom links that way to get what I want.