Contact Forms! Arghhh

Why do I have so many problems with contact forms??
I have been building sites for a while with Foundry. Everything is great until it comes to the forms. I have tried standard Forms and Forms pro, there seems to be no consistency.

My latest problem is the form, even though I get the ‘success’ message on screen when sending from the form, no emails come through to me or my client.

I have the ‘send using your email address’ button checked. I have republished. I have checked spam folders. Still nothing?

My guess is it is something to do with hosting but this is not my area of expertise. Has anyone any suggestions?

The site I am working on is if that is any help.


Well would you believe it!! My test email has just popped into my spam folder. It has taken an hour and a quarter to come through!
I guess that is a hosting issue??
Any suggestions??

Yeah, that seems like an email / host issue there, unfortunately. Once the form is submitted and the code send the email it is out of our hans unfortunately. :confused:

Are there any guides/rules/settings, I need to check the hosting conforms to, so this part of the job is much easier?

Unless people specifically ask for them, or unless there is a specific rationale for them (to generate an initial quote or something), I’ve tended to move away from forms and just have email links.

Thats an interesting approach, I hadn’t thought about doing that before.

I love the look but I get paranoid about the various hosting setups (especially if I’m not actively maintaining the site). If a host changes something, the client might not ever know they’re not receiving contact form emails.

Im getting more paronoid by the minute. My client now says he hasn’t received the test email. How does that happen? I get a copy and he doesn’t!

Have you got a link to a site you have built @jabostick so I can see what it looks like in practice?


If you’re not already doing so, also give this feature a try:


Enable it and be sure to use an email address in the Your Email field that shares a domain name with the site. Some hosts require this.

Yes, already doing that.

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Oh I just mean using a regular text link (or button link). Here’s a bit of a goofy example (it’s a pet-sitting ‘business’ for my daughter and her friends) but all the contact buttons will just open up in the users default email client with a pre-formatted subject. For the link I use: Subject Here