Containers within Foundry Potion Pack Grid

Hi. I’m trying to use the grid layout to show a selection of items on a page as I prefer the layout to that of the card deck - flexible number of rows tiled left to right horizontally rather than the top to bottom columns in the card stack and with each element the same width.

I am trying to use containers to put an outline around the content of each grid cell but the container properties are not shown when published, whether this is background colour or margin.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Try using a standard one column stack for your border styling.

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Hey there @djr13!

The suggestion by @Steve_J is right on target. The Container stack has a lot of code that will go unused for what you’re trying to do. The best stack to use for what you’re trying to accomplish is definitely the 1 Column stack that comes built-in to Stacks. I use it for this purpose many times, as well as a variety of other things, too.

Thanks chaps. This worked perfectly. Interestingly though, the purify app on my iPhone blocked some of the formatting, in particular the border around each of the cells. Resolved once purify was deactivated.