Copy Resources to new F3 project

Is there an easy way to get files in Resources in an old F2 project into a F3 project?
(Doing a save-as of the F2 project and converting it to F3 theme seems like a lot of work involving replacing all of the F2 stacks.

Sorry no. You can copy the text and paste as plain text. And use the same images but you need to use the image tool of F3. Read this blog post.

This re-engineering of Foundry from square-one though does come at a slight cost. It means that sites previously created with Foundry 2 won’t be directly upgradeable to Foundry 3. Far too much has changed in both Bootstrap and Foundry for me to accommodate directly importing our old Foundry 2 projects into Foundry 3.

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Ok thanks Steve probably not a bad thing to start Resources again and clear out the trash


There are a lot more savvy folks out there than me, but I found a way that suited me to access images in the F2 resources folder and get them into a new folder ready to move them into the F3 resources folder or onto the server for warehousing.
For each of the images In F2 resources I wanted to keep for F3 I did a “reveal in finder”, duplicated and saved the copy into the new folder I set up for F3 images. Not saying it was a breeze, but for me it overcame one of the biggest obstacles to rebuilding a F2 project in F3.

Personally I would not add your images to the Resources inside RapidWeaver. Either use the drag-and-drop methods straight from your computer, or host your images in a folder on your own server. Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks Adam From my early days with RW I always used resources or warehousing to hold my images but if you’re recommending drag and drop well that makes the whole process so much easier.

I would highly recommend exploring WebP if you get a chance. You just make a folder on your server and upload there, then add the URLs in the various tools, like the Image:WebP or Background tools. Very lightweight images.

Thanks Adam, yes saw you had a separate WebP image tool so will check it out.

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