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Hamilton Sargent Counselling

After a lot of work I’m really happy to share my website I’ve reworked several times for my counselling business.

Using Foundry and Alloy has been a revelation and everything I’ve wanted to do I’ve been able to. My recent addition was Hyvor Talk for comments - brilliant!

I’m open to any feedback, particularly around how easy it is to navigate.


Just me…but I would make the menu sticky.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Would you make it sticky or desktop or mobile or both?

That’s really impressive. I’m clearly out of my depth with web design and learning all the various stacks! Great work.

This is really a great website. Congratulations. Would you mind letting us know which cookie stack you’re using. Thanks and best wishes, Jürgen

@Juergen that should be this one…

Privacy Center RapidWeaver Stack | RapidWeaver Community

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Thanks. Purchased it straight away :))

Thank you. I appreciate it. It’s all done with Foundry. I think I only used Privacy Stack on top of that.

That’s right - it’s Privacy Center stack. I can’t recommend it enough. I was blown away with how robust it is. If you set your cookie preferences to not allow functional cookies on my home page, you can see how the stack doesn’t allow the Vimeo video to be displayed if this consent isn’t given. Streamlined and solved all my privacy issues.

If you feel like sharing the project file so I can take a look at how you achieved it that would be great. :slight_smile:

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Your site looks great!