Creating a video display page similar to the one on this site?

I’m a very new user so apologies if I’ve missed any information given out already. I would like to replicate the way that this site displays it’s videos. What are the Video Embed contained within and how is the description information positioned below.

At the moment I’ve added 2 Video Embeds within a Banner and they are hard to position next to each other.

Many thanks

Hi there @cyclops – Which site are you referring to? The main Foundry site ( If so, I use the Foundry Video Embed stack to display Vimeo videos. They’re placed within Columns stacks so that they are side-by-side.

Ok - thanks for really prompt reply. I’ll try that and someone else also suggested Yabdabs Filter.

The Filter stack will create a Masonry-like display of the content, which you may or may not want. The good thing about Filter though is it will give you a nice filterable search, which could be nice with videos. I use Filter here on this page if you’d like to see it in action.

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Yup - that’s what I’m looking for - many thanks again