Creating links from Cards

I am using cards as a navigation device for my new website: RealDealKitchens.Com

The cards allow me to include a unique identification number for each kitchen so that my customers and I can elegantly talk about a particular kitchen that my cabinet shop produces.

I had a similar page in my first iWeb website and I also had one on Muse site. On both of those sites you could mouse click anywhere you wanted on a particular image and it would take you to a page dedicated to several more images of that particular kitchen.

Is there a way to use the image (or entire card) as a link to carry me to the corresponding kitchen page?

You can add a button to the bottom of each card. This is preferable from a user experience standpoint. If not, then search the Rapidweaver marketplace for a link stack. I believe there are several out there. They essentially turn any stack that is placed into it, that stack becomes a link. Now, your milage may vary when you start dropping other stacks into it, so beware.

There may be a few solutions, but if you want the entire card to be a link then try out the LinkBox stack here:

It’s free. I did a quick test and seems to work fine with cards. Just make sure to put each Display stack inside a LinkBox stack. You’ll need to manually provide the relevant link.

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@mitchellm I tested that one as well. It works.

does this work with card deck as well? it seems i cant put the linkbox stack into the card deck…