Custom CSS for Alloy

Hi all, I’m looking for some information on custom CSS for Alloy. I need to remove the pagination on a summary view and want to adjust the go back button design. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I know where to add css and I even tried using css box but I’m obviously not doing it right.

you can see the “go back” button near the bottom of this page; Dreaming of summers past

I just want to remove the weird outline it has

Folks really need a link to the published page to be able to help with CSS.

Sorry, I added a link now

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Give this a try - it seems to work:

.btn-secondary {
border-color: transparent;

Hi, so I tried to add this into the css field but it didn’t work. I might now be doing it correctly. Do I just enter it into the css field for the blog stack?

It goes in the CSS field in RW’s Page Inspector:


I don’t own Alloy, so if it doesn’t work hopefully someone who can test it locally will chime in.

You can also try adding an !important but it didn’t seem to be necessary.

.btn-secondary {
border-color: transparent !important;

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