Dark Mode and Card

I use Dark Mode on the website, but Card Paragraph in Card, inside Accordion Item, do not adapted to Dark Mode. Is there a solution to this?

I don’t think I’m understanding whatever you’re trying to explain. Please give me more details.

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Use Dark Mode on your Mac and visit https://www.northernlightstromso.no

Click on “Chase in a small group” under Activities. The text is dark not white.

Please send me your project file so I can see what you’re doing in the project file itself.

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Hello @elixirgraphics
I used another stack and it solves the problem. Switched from Card to Display.

Awesome. Glad you have something working for you, but that doesn’t solve any possible bug you may have run into. I still need your project file that shows the bug. And I still need you to categorize this forum post.

How do I categorize this forum post?

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There is no pencil.!
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Most likely because you’ve not been a member long enough I suppose. I’ll edit this one for you, but please be sure to categorize future posts.