Daughter page navigation not working

I have Foundry and RW 8

If I use either of the navigation stacks for a ‘single layer’ of navigation, everything is fine.

The moment I try to use one of the pages as a subset – or daughter of another, only the daughter navigation works and the main page can no longer be accessed from the navigation bar

I thought this was a problem with RW7 – so I upgraded to RW8 only to find this exact same problem still exists.

Everything else with Foundry is excellent – but this is now really frustrating as I have too many pages for a single layer ‘top level’ navigation bar and I need sub page navigation as well.

Any suggestions?


This is the expected outcome. The parent item becomes a placeholder for the dropdown child items.

Ah – so I need to move the Parent page to be a drop down item if I want to navigate to it?

If you want it to be clickable in the navigation, then yes.

Many thanks for that info.
I didn’t find that explanation in the Foundry docs (and, by the way documentation is generally excellent.)

I will now go and experiment :slight_smile:

The site is www.g4abx.co.uk

Dr. T