Desktop Breakpoint on/ off?

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For Margins stack there’s probably a video somewhere?

In Foundry we can set the margins for an object/ area in RW, but how does “Desktop Breakpoint” on/ off come into this consideration?

If I set the margins for desktop should “Desktop Breakpoint” be on or off? Of course, the desktop will have another breakpoint than the tablet or phone!?


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Have you looked at the Foundry Documentation pages?

They contain a wealth of information, including documentation about the Margins stack.

The Margins stack documentation page, like a majority of the documentation pages, also includes a tutorial video.

I’ve also recently put up a post here on the forum with some quick links to various documentation pages for Foundry, Alloy and much more:

alright, let’s see what I find.


How’d it go? Find what you needed?

Well, it’s really simple, but best to understand it with the video.

My notes - if it may be useful for newcomers :slight_smile:

Working with Margins in RW Foundry

  1. leave Mobile Breakpoint checked (for most cases)
  2. set Detailed Mobile Margin(/ Padding), ( f ex 20px)

If no breakpoint is set for the other devices (or: If nothing is enabled for tablet or desktop,) the margin settings from Mobile Breakpoint will carry over to those.

  1. check in Preview, and (if on desktop) reduce/ increase the width of the project.


Usage of Margins stack explained in example with a Banner stack.
… together with a Page Header stack.

There is much more to accomplish with Margins stack.

On YouTube:
Create responsive spacing using the Margins stack for Foundry