Diecast Model Collectibles eCommerce site +/- 60 pages

##Diecast Model Collectibles

Just finished up another Foundry site for a Diecast Model Online Retailer. All Foundry except Moving Box and Youzool Navigation.


Very nice :smile: Could place this grey header - Oy best selling products - in the center (mobile view) ?

Nice point @Fuellemann. I made the change. :smile:

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Nice and clean!

I would play around with the width of a browser window. There are widths where the navigation is too wide and goes to multiple lines. When this happens, the nav bar obscures the page’s heading, either partially or completely. I just happened to have my browser window at a width where this happened.

We added a responsive shim, just haven’t re-publish yet. :smile:

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Thanks for sharing! Sharing is caring <3 Good for learning & ideas :slight_smile:

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Great site. Very easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for.


Love it!! Loads fast and looks clean.