Difference between FOUNDATION and FOUNDRY?

Hello. I have been away from the Rapid Weaver community for sometime and I have a few questions. I need to understand the difference between the add-ons of FOUNDRY by Elixir and FOUNDATION by Joe Workman’s Weaver’s Space.

Are they the same thing?

@ticknerdesign The bottom line is: no, they are NOT the same thing.

How long have you been away? Over the past 4 years (more or less) there has emerged the existence of “frameworks” rather than themes. Frameworks are much more powerful and flexible relative to a theme. So both Foundry and Foundation are examples of frameworks. There are about 6 frameworks in the community total.

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Thank you! I last used Rapid Weaver and Foundation about 3 years ago. But, I am wondering if Foundry is the more popular option now and possibly has a larger community of users?

So you’re asking is Foundry BTS or BlackPink? :slight_smile:

Both are very popular but they take very different approaches. As a fan of neither BTS nor BlackPink I’d advise not making a choice made due to popularity. However, both have developers that have been around a long time with solid track records.

Obviously when you ask at the Elixir forum we’re going to say we like Foundry best. It really depends on how you like to work. I find Adam’s approach to a framework intuitive and a joy to work with. Foundry has an amazing documentation section (both text and video) so I’d advise checking that out:

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Thank you very, very much! I am always attracted to a more intuitive approach. I will familiarize myself with the FOUNDRY framework.