Disable backdrop parallax effect on mobile


As the title might give away, I’m looking for an option to disable the parallax effect in the Backdrop stack on mobile devices. The parallax is quite laggy and glitchy when testing on my OnePlus 9 pro, so I’d rather just have it disabled rather than spend time troubleshooting if that’s possible. Thanks!

No, there’s no way to disable it for specific breakpoints.


Well that’s a shame. I love the effect on desktop, but unfortunately it seems to be very laggy and glitchy on mobile. Anything I’m doing wrong potentially?

Hard to say without seeing the problem site. If you share that someone can have a look. Without it we’re just guessing in the dark based on your description.

As for the parallax effect working on mobile — I use it on the Foundry site and it works as expected:

So my guess would be that it is related to your usage of it.