Display in Columns or Card in Card Deck?

I really like using Display Stack but I wonder whether going back to good ol’ Card Stacks in Card Decks could be easier and look just as good.

With Display Stack you have to specify the number of columns you want per row and set the break points (no big deal of course); with Cards you just have to put as many Cards in the Deck as you want columns, and the columns sort themselves out.

Display doesn’t have many features that Card doesn’t or that you can’t include with the Slice element.

I guess like so many of these things it’s really a matter of personal preference, but I wonder whether anyone has a view on this.

^^^ For the most part, this. ^^^

That said, look at the Grid stack. Drop your Display stacks in there and play with its settings. You might even experiment with using the Equalize stack in the mix, too.

Experimenting is fun!

Personally I think Display is far superior to the Card stack, IMHO.

Thanks Adam
I hadn’t thought of Grid Stack
Yes, I routinely use Equalize in Display and other stacks - a great utility.
Tell me, why do you think Display is superior to Card stack?

Display provides far more options and customization possibilities, IMO. Think of it like a Pro version of a Card stack. It has a little bit easier to use interface I think, too.

Thanks Adam
I think I’ll keep using Display in Columns. Columns seems to give more control over the layout of a page than Grid, and from what I can tell you can’t Equalise by rows which isn’t always the effect you want.