Display Pack obscuring following stacks?

Hello All, New to RapidWeaver and its tools, I’m making good progress.

I’m running into an odd behavior using the Display Stack, it appears to obscure following stacks.

Anyone run into this? I’ve tested it in a new file with the same result.

In this example I’ve staged 3 Display stacks into 3 columns, the social stack below won’t show up. I’ve tried margins… nada.

Here’s what the preview looks like

Did you make any changes to any of the stacks? I just created a new stacks page, placed a Column stack (with 3 columns) on the page with a Social Badges stack below. I then added a Display stack to each of the columns and a Paragraph stack into each Display stack. It previews fine. All stacks still have their defaults, except Columns where it’s now set to 3.

I wonder if this is a Stacks issue. My tests are with RW 8.7, Stacks 4.1.4 and the latest Foundry v2 stacks.

Can you post a link to a test project?

It’s working for me

Yep, made them disappear. But only if I use the inbuilt Stacks column stack instead of the Foundry column stack.

That was it. Thanks @wirrah