Displaying child-level subpage in navigation

I have been using the Geometic theme in Elixir Graphics, which displays one child-level of subpages in the navigation. I want to change the website over to Foundry, but can’t seem to find a way of showing the subpages in the navigation (similar to Geometric). Any help would be really appreciated!

Hi there @rhg – Child navigation is handled the same in Foundry navigation stacks as it is in a normal theme. If you want to provide me a ZIP file that contains your project file I can open it up and see what you’ve got going on really quick. Be sure to let me know a few more details too. Like what pages you’re wanting to be sub pages and what you’re wanting their parent pages to be, etc.

That would be incredibly helpful – thank you. I have just emailed through the zip file (to Adam). Thanks again.