Displaying content with Pop Up Gallery

I am using the Pop Up Gallery stack with Foundry 2 in a project alongside Shutter and others.
On one page I am shown the view of the gallery with a black background, as it should be and as I want it to be. On another page, the exact same gallery (copy & paste) is shown to me with a white background, so if you have a narrow image, you see the page in the background and also the function keys and gallery icon are not visible until you hover the mouse over it.

wrong, gallery at bottom right: Sivag Luzern AG :: :: Bildergalerien
correct: Sivag Luzern AG :: :: Gallery Test

RW Classic 9.1.1
Shutter 1.0.1

Shutter and Pop Up Gallery share some class names, as they make use of the same lightbox gallery. You’ll want to choose one tool or the other to use per page.

Ok, I suspected it might be something like that.

Thanks for your quick reply.

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