Does Alloy allow only a single Editor log-in?

As far as I can tell, this is true: there is no way to assign multiple users with the ability to post. Yes?
Assuming this is the case, is there an additional stack that would allow a simple publish/approve function? This would be for say 5 users to be able to comment on or approve a posting before it is published.

Alloy has the ability to have a Primary and Secondary login, but it does not support multiple users or an admin approval system.

@lwhitten Having a primary and secondary login helps a bit. Then the next step: how much do you “trust” these 5 folks to be well-behaved? I’m teaching a course where any of my 20 students can contribute to a blog: but we are all using the same login credentials. That’s the trust bit.

With a primary login you could have the administrator and with secondary login you could kind of have contributors. If worse came to worse you could kick out a non-behaving contributor. The ground rules would be that the 4 all post only drafts, and the admin gives final approval. But, again, trust or reasonable trust is the key issue. With the right combo of people it should work quite well.

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thanks - that was kind of the path I was heading to, but some of my team want to be able to see what is proposed before allowing it to be pushed. I think I’d rather go with “trust” and remove the offenders if necessary.
Thanks again.

You could use the Editor stack’s “New Posts Start as Drafts” feature so that no post goes live right away and someone can then be the person to review them and make the post live. You can read about this feature on the Editor stack’s documentation page in the Add / Edit Post section of the page.

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