Does Sentry Stack work with Foundry


Has anyone used the Sentry Stack from Nimblehost/Will Woodgate successfully with a Foundry project? I have used Armadillo previously with Foundry with no issues so I assumed that Sentry would work as well but I am unable to edit any Sentry stacks on any Foundry themed page. Works fine on a Ruby themed page though.

Thought I’d check here first but will contact Will too.


I don’t have any experience with Sentry. I will admit I had not even heard of it until you mentioned the stack just now. Since I don’t have the stack in question it is hard to make any guesses about the problem. If you want to send me an email of DM with your project and any third party stacks you’re using, like Sentry, I can have a look at it.

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Thanks for the quick reply Adam. I’m trying to figure out whether using Sentry or Armadillo is actually the best option. Once I’ve decided, I’ll shoot you a PM if I still experience issues.


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I have it and it works very well with Foundry. I know Will is going to support it going forward.


Thanks Steve. Perhaps it is because I am using a custom web font then, I wonder. I’ll do some testing.

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Not a problem. Sounds good!

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I can’t get it to work with Sentry and I think the answer may be that it depends on which Foundry stacks you are using. Sentry is incredibly useful to give the end user an ultra simple way of editing areas themselves.

I’m making a gallery for an art exhibition and its really useful for the user to be able to paste in red dots to indicate a picture is sold.

It works a treat with Freestack responsive, and I was hoping it to work with Foundry but alas no.
I’m loving Sections and Banners in Foundry, so find myself in a bit of a bind. Seems to happen so often with RW - you spend ages working out what works with what.

Hi there @alastair – As I mentioned 9 months or so ago, above, I don’t have any experience with Sentry, and the above is all I have ever heard of the stack. If you’d like to, via email or a Direct Message, provide me a ZIP containing your project file and any 3rd-party stacks you’re using on your trouble page, I can take a look at it and see if I can’t narrow down the problem.

Apologies @alastair, I haven’t been on here much lately (Need to fix that!).

I use Sentry in several of my Foundry projects without a hitch. I see that the guru (@elixirgraphics) has already replied so I’ll leave you in his capable hands. Feel free to share more info on the process you used to implement the Sentry stack and the exact issue you are experiencing, I’ll do my best to help as well if I had the same issue at some point.

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Thanks Adam - I think the stack I am trying to edit is wrapped up in too many other things - it’s a text box inside Grid on a Banner page, which may be a bit much.

I’ll experiment some more and get back to you

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