Does Vert. Tabs allow markdown

My attempt at using markdown has appealingly disabled both Vert. Tabs and Accordion in Foundry, which otherwise function with Paragraph Stacks. Finding with more time available, wishing to develop a new site but this is a blocking issue. Please see an illustration of the Markdown using the basic markdown stack from YourHead;

When visiting an osteopath for the first time, it is natural to feel a little unsure of what to expect.

The following information has been developed to explain what happens and is aimed to answer many questions you may have.

Any suggestions greatly received, thanks D

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When visiting an osteopath for the first time, it is natural to feel a little unsure of what to expect.

The following information has been developed to explain what happens and is aimed to answer many questions you may have.

Markdown is supported in Markdown based stacks only. A Stack has to be specifically designed to accept Markdown for it to work within a stack. This is why there is a specific Markdown stack in the first place.

As a side note, is this text in your post purposeful?

Hello Adam, please excuse my ignorance; but on placing a markdown stack in the Vert, Tab Stack which has appeared to cause the problem, so is that not allowed?

I have found the same difficulty, in placing a markdown stack from YourHead in the Accordion stack, I was just asking is that not permitted? As this appears to present the problem.

I appreciate your note on purpose; but I felt converting my text to markdown would, keep it simple and readable.

Thanks, David

Markdown text can be used in the Markdown stack, or any stack that specifically says it is a Markdown based stack. Otherwise you should be using normal text. Markdown takes a specific parser to convert Markdown into HTML. This parser is available only in Markdown based stacks, as you would expect.

If you have a sample project file where you’ve used Markdown in a stack, but it is not working, you can share it with me, or post a screenshot here in the thread, and I will let you know if what you’re doing is allowed.

@Fuzzy I’ve used markdown quite often with accordion stacks: no problem. Nor have I had any problems with markdown and Vert Tabs. Perhaps there’s something special about your setup, but as @elixirgraphics mentions sharing a screenshot, or link, or sharing the project with him would all help.

Brilliant I was sure that it was probably my error but wished to explore what I am doing wrong as I did not feel that Markdown would not be acceptable. I provide 3 screen shots 1. Is an image of the code in a Markdown stack Hello which is fine, as illustrated in screenshot 2. Tab 2 . 1st Visit tab is then the issue with al other tabs as it is blank as per screenshot 3. Also provide the markdown stack entry for Tab 2 for completeness but would happily send a

copy of the document. Thank you, David

@Fuzzy It’s a little hard to follow as you say you provide 3 screenshots, but you provide 4. But in generaly I would say the problem is you are not using the markdown stack in a way that takes advantage of markdown! In essence you are adding a lot of code into the stack to center things, plus do some other stuff. One of those “things” is you are telling the font to be white in color. So white text on a white background … that’s all working, but certainly not what you want. You are also putting a lot of effort in to create a list (all those paragraph tags) when it’s just not needed.

For a list just make sure there is a line break before it begins (from content above) and line break after it ends. Paragraph tags not needed.

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So you’re not using the Markdown stack for Markdown really, but instead HTML it looks like. You’re also creating invalid HTML markup. You’re inserting paragraph closing tags without having ever inserted an opening tag, from the looks of it. Neither are necessary for you to do. The Paragraph stack inserts and manages paragraph tags and allows you to center your content using the Paragraph stack’s settings. What you’re doing does not require a Markdown stack at all. Use the Paragraph stack and use its settings to format your text:

CleanShot 2020-05-15 at 08.26.43

Or you use the Markdown stack, which works without HTML - which was the whole point of Markdown to begin with.

So there are those markdown rules, f ex when you need a paragraph after the word 60 minutes, and you are in the Markdown stack, you just add after the word 2 spaces (with your keyboard) and an ENTER - that’s it!

Also from a design point of view (which is my personal view) the centering of text, especially over several paragraphs looks kind of awkward. You can still have it in the middle of the page with Padding Left & Right or use the Margins stack…

Thank you to you all for your kind responses. Additionally, I have learnt that if I am able to complete/update this project as best I can, I will request a professional, (one of you guys comercially), if available, to give me further assistance once I have done the donkey work. Best wishes, David