Does Vertical Tab Stack work in Partitions?

I can’t get the “Scroll Upwards on Click” function to work in Partitions.

It works fine when it’s not in Partitions.

Like other scroll the page features the Scroll Upwards on Click will not work in Partitions. Partitions is a fixed element that takes up the entirety of the page. When you scroll in Partitions you’re not scrolling the page itself. This means stacks that scroll the page or are triggered off of a page scroll are not able to work within Partitions.

Thanks Adam. Would Anchors work?

Anchors should work but not anchors in something like the Scroll To stack.

“Am Joe’s”?
Maybe I abandon Partitions and have Vertical Nav in a sticky content stack in a sidebar created with columns

Anchors. Auto correct helped out as I’m doing support on my phone.