Download of some free Foundry Starter Kits

I’m recently incorporating myself in Foundry 3, after using Foundry 2 for some years now. This took me a while as some things really changed essentially. I also played around with the Ghost CMS and considered it as a very good Blogging System.

Out of this two activities I developed a Coming Soon No. 1 Starter Kit while learning Foundry 3 and the Maximilian Starter Kit as a blogging template combining Foundry 3 with Alloy.

As some members of the forum gave away their project files as a free download, I thought this is a good practice and I will do the same.

You can download the Maximilian Starter Kit and the Coming Soon No. 1 Starter Kit at below link. There is also a Foundry 2 project file for the ones still using this framework.

The Starter Kits are of course fully responsive, GDPR-compliant by including all the fonts and have pages available for the data & privacy policies. A short instruction how to setup and customise the Starter Kits are included by using the “Note” stack of F3.

The Maximilian Starter Kit include beside the Rapidweaver file also all the example blogs and pictures. The photos are created using AI and are free of any copyrights, so you can use them for your projects.
Here is a preview of the Maximilian Starter Kit.

Here are some previews of the Coming Soon No. 1 Starter Kit.

The previews are on a Http-Server and not Https, so you might receive some security warnings.

Enjoy and have fun :grinning:


That’s an admirable gesture, what a star you are.


It’s not every day I get such a great gift.
The Starter Kits look great.
My thanks are great.

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Thank you very much @Tophat @Hugo for the nice comments. Means a lot to me!

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Thank you very much.

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Looking good @WeaverPixel. :+1: Keep up the good work! Look forward to seeing more from you in the future as well. :blush:

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I have updated the preview pages with a “https” certificate. So by clicking on the preview links you should not get the security warnings any more.

And a big Thanks to @mitchellm. He made me aware that my files were all “infected” by the Stacks externals issue. So my download files were much larger than they need to be. He provided me a solution and now the files are more than 90% smaller.

As I got some really nice feedback, I am just working on the next Starter Kit. Would expect that next weekend it will be available. Everybody having a band, giving concerts, that will be something for you…


Hi Markus,
I just downloaded the Maximilian Starter Kit and I must thank you for your great generosity in making it available.

Reading the instructions it seems to me that it mentions “posts” and “image-uploads” folders, however the downloaded file is only the RWDocument document.

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you once again

These are for using the blog system Alloy and will be created automatically if you use Alloy. Just disregard it you are not using Alloy :slight_smile:

Hi @peppermint thanks for the nice words.

I had a look and the failure is on my side :grinning:, I simply forgot in the last version to add the example files to the download.

Please download Maximilian again and after unzipping the downloaded file you should find beside the Rapidweaver file also a folder called “Alloy Example Posts”. Copy the content of these folders to the corresponding folders on your Server via an FTP program. As @Fuellemann said, the corresponding folders on your server are automatically created by Alloy.

Hope that helps :grinning:


Many, many thanks. :pray:

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