Drop down pages not responsive

My pages in dropdown nav (ie main menu item has several pages within)
Are showing up as responsive in RW preview. But are not responsive inmy iphone.’
This includes the Nav bar which does not become a hamburger in these pages.
What have I done? !


Hi there @Domino – Can you post us a URL to look at so we can see what might be going on?

Thanks here it is

Looks nice and responsive here when I load it in a browser, or when I load it on my phone:

yes, but if you go into any of the items with more pages within it does not work

For example SERVICES. All those pages are not responsive inc Nav

I see it on some pages, but those pages also don’t appear to have drop down under your parent items. I suspect something is amiss but I don’t think it is Foundry itself.

If you look here you’ll notice this page for instance has no drop down for Services and the formatting for the Navigation Bar is different as well.

My suggestion would be to try using the Republish All Files feature in the RW File menu. You may also need to delete what you have on the server before doing so to make sure you’ve got no errant files messing with you. But I’d try just using Republish All Files first before going that far. After you do a Republish All Files, clear your browser cache and try it again. Come back and post the results.

Thank you!

I see what I did now!

A few days ago I created a 404 page which involved me creating a blank theme htaccess page in my project.
In my haste I must have made all Master Style pages Blank instead of Foundry. Duhhhhh.
Republishing all now.

Looks like something isn’t right at a critical page width shown below. Looks like you have too much text and space before you reduce to the fixed breakpoint that collapses to the mobile menu. However, as shown below the nav text appears to get bigger.