Droplet Enquiry

I’m at the planning stage of website and considering diving in to the world of ‘droplets’. Before I do however @elixirgraphics can you tell me if there is a list of all the Foundry stacks that support droplets ? How do I know which Foundry stacks contains that all important drop down droplets menu option that you mention in your droplet video tutorial ? Thanks in advance. Justin :grinning:

Droplets are simply pieces of content that get injected where you place the {{ }} droplet variable. You don’t need a drop down or other setting in a stack to use a Droplet.

Your post doesn’t specify if you’re looking to use text or image Droplets. If it is the latter you can use them most places you can insert a URL.

As for a list of all of the stacks that specifically have a drop down for Droplets – I don’t have that. I can go through each one manually and look it up for you if you’d like me to, as I don’t have that information memorized, or you can flip through the Foundry stacks and do the same. Like I said though you don’t need a special setting to use Droplets.

Hi @elixirgraphics and thanks for getting back to me so quickly. So I’m just trying to get my head around things and this enquiry is mostly to support a client who wants to update the images on her website herself. In the case of the ‘Mask’ stack for example - where it gives me the option to insert an image , I take it I choose the ‘image (remote)’ option and drop the droplet variable where the URL should otherwise go ? Do you have any plans for droplets to support video anytime soon as I particularly like using the cinema stack ? Kind Regards | Justin

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Droplets can’t be used for things like backgrounds usually. The reason being is those images are inserted into the CSS. Droplets only have access to the HTML on your page. The Droplet parser has no way to read in and parse your CSS file for the Mask stack or any other CSS files for that matter.

No. No plans for video at this time.

Again though, the videos are assigned to the background of the DIV inside your CSS file. So Droplets could not parse that file to insert your video URL anyway.

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Hi @elixirgraphics - I realise that you are not able to list all your stacks that support ‘droplets’ from within Foundry, but can you tell me if your Orbit 2 and Shutter stacks provide support for droplets please ? Can you also tell me if your ‘Mint’ theme will work with the Foundry framework ? Kind Regards | Justin :grinning:

Shutter has a Batch mode, which will generate thumbnails from a server-side folder, so you probably don’t need Droplets for this.

Orbit does indeed use Droplets.

No idea about Mint though.

My advice for stuff like this is almost always – try it. You’re not going to irrevocably break something. That said – Orbit 2 has a built in Droplet child stack:

CleanShot 2022-05-08 at 13.30.23

As for Shutter, it cannot be used with Droplets as there is no field for entering a URL for the image. This was left out intentionally from the Shutter stack as Shutter needs to use the Stacks API to process thumbnails and that can’t be done on a remote URL or Droplet.

And lastly, with regards to using Mint as a theme with Foundry. This is not possible. Foundry works with one theme – the blank Foundry theme that comes with your Foundry purchase. That theme contains some of the necessary code for Foundry. Additionally themes usually contain a framework or layout grid of their own. This would either (1) clash with Foundry’s underlying code or (2) simply cause bloated code for your site. Or both.

Hi @elixirgraphics - and thanks for clarifying that. I’m asking here because I don’t want purchase a stack only to discover $30 later that it doesn’t do what I (or my client) want it to do. Looking forward to continued support for Alloy across future stacks. I love it.

With regards to the Mint theme. That is a shame. A great looking theme BTW :grinning: #clean #crisp #modern #fresh

In light of the fact that Shutter doesn’t support Alloy’s Droplets @elixirgraphics , as a work around - is it possible for me to create Shutter like grids using Flux. For me to drop ‘Droplet’ supported image stacks into this framework ? Justin #justathought

Do you mean for the Flux background images? If so, no. Again background images are applied in the CSS. Droplets have no access to the CSS file(s).

If you just want to put a Foundry image stack into a Flux grid, then sure.