Duplicate domains/redirect?

This isn’t strictly Foundation, hope its ok to ask this here:

I have a client who has a domain extension ‘.co.uk’
They now want me to get them the same name but with the extension ‘.com’

What is best practice? Should I:

a) Transfer the site to the new ‘.com’ domain and get rid of the old domain altogether
b) Transfer the the site to the new .com domain and leave a landing page with a forwarding message/link. E.g. ‘We’ve moved - heres a link to the new address’
c) Move the site site to the new domain and put a redirect on the old extension so that if anyone lands there it points them straight to the new domain.
d) None of the above

Any advice much appreciated. I’m not sure what to do.

First question is why are they now wanting to use .com? Is it to replace the .co.uk or as well as? If as well as, do they want the two sites to be identical or different?

I have a business that uses both the .co.uk and the .com, they are the same business and almost identical sites, except one shows prices in GBP (.co.uk) the other in Euros (.com).

So, the reason for starting to now use the .com has a bearing on the way to proceed.

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I’m not sure why they want to do this. I think someone has told them they should have both options covered. Is it ok to have two almost identical or identical sites like you describe, one on each extension.
I heard that in terms of SEO, google doesn’t like duplicated content. But i dont’ know. Theres so much conflicting info on this. Thats why i wanted to ask

I’m assuming you are their web developer/designer? In which case, you need to ask them, why they want to use the dot com. Without that answer it’s impossible for us to advise you, and you to advise them.

ok, i’ll see what they say

Just get the .com and link it to the same directory of the co.uk in the c Panel of the hoster. No need to transfer anything…