Duplicate stacks in Stacks Library in Foundry section

I noticed that there are several stacks duplicated in the Foundry section. Most if not all of these have no description nor an icon on the left of their name. The following are a few examples:
2 Columns
Check Box

Another duplicate case shows the first one with an icon and description, the second with neither.

Anyone know why and if there is a way to clean the listing up? I did try uninstalling and re-installing Foundry with a new project but it made no difference. The updates option shows that I seem to have the latest version (no updates available).

If there are two, which one should be used or does it make a difference?


Good morning @jhunkins — please see this thread, it will answer your question: Missing icons in stacks library

Wow - I love an easy answer :sunglasses:

Perfect, all is good once again - thanks!

Glad you got it all sorted. The Show Hidden Stacks preference is really mostly for developers and even then I’ve personally never used it for anything.

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