Easy CMS & Foundry responsive text sizes

hi, I’m trying to use Easy CMS with Foundry. The CMS text is overiding my Foundry settings for mobile devices and is defaulting to 18px. Does anyone know a solution to this. Do I need to specify font sizes for breakpoints using custom css?

I tried to use Easy CMS with Foundry and found it to be overly complicated. Instead of Easy CMS I used Quick Editor Admin from 1LD - very simple and did not change any fonts or anything else. Go to: Quick Editor Admin for RapidWeaver


One quick thing to try is switching the editor in Easy CMS. If it’s set to Hipwig, try changing it to Text/Markdown Editor, re-publish and see if that solves the issue.

Screenshot 2022-12-25 at 08.23.39

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Hi @Rob - thanks for that. Only just seen this. That was exactly the problem. Joe Workman pointed out the same thing.

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