Easy way to test mobile versions

Hi, with Safari 11 /High Sierra you can enable the mode “Responsive Design” in the developer menu. And with the click you can switch between different screensizes and get instant feedback. Great!

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In Sierra too.

It seems I overlooked that in Sierra :slight_smile:

Great, I did not know. Thank you @Fuellemann and @webdeersign :smiley:

Also in El Capitan, which as i recall was the first OS X version to include “responsive design mode”.

As others mentioned it has been there a wile. That being said, it is very helpful when used with RapidWeaver’s “Preview Page In…” feature found within the File Menu. Allows you to troubleshoot or tweak layouts without ever publishing.

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Anyone know if the equivalent exists within Chrome?

I don’t think that is something that comes as a part of Chrome, but I could be wrong since I use Safari primarily. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear there was a Chrome extension to do it though.

There is a device toolbar enabled in developer Tools and there are various addons for Chrome that do this I have one called Bootstrap Resize Tool add-on which may do what you want.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.