Elegant and Powerful

Hey All,

I have been using RW since version 3 and I have to say that Foundry is the most elegant, powerful, and EASY to use design theme/system I have seen to date.

I REALLY appreciate the over all design and the fact there are not SO many options it can become bewildering. Every time I explore a new stack, I am stunned and thrilled by, “wow, I did’t know it would do that!” Well done!

If you are on the fence, I suggest you give it a try. An extraordinary design tool.


If you haven’t already could you also post at the RealMac forums. I think that’s where there will be more folks who are on the fence or curious. BTW, I totally agree with you.

Thanks @garageshop for the kind words here, and in your review on the Community site! Stuff like that means a lot!