Elixir Visibilty stacks

Here’s one for @elixirgraphics I suspect.

I’ve been having problems hiding an image rollover (using BWD’s Sections/SectionsBOX stacks) on an iPad landscape using the Foundry Visibility stack.
I have the rollover set to hide on mobile and tablet but display on desktop
When the rollover is hidden, I have a second stack which appears under the photo which is set to display on mobile and tablet and be hidden on desktop.
The rollover isn’t hidden on mobile landscape - though it is on mobile portrait.

Replacing the Foundry Visibility stack with the one Elixir sells as part of the Structure stacks works fine with the same settings.

I’m happy to have solved the problem but wondered why the difference between the two ‘visibility’ stacks? Is it a Bootstrap thing, perhaps?



The Foundry breakpoints are not the same as some other product’s breakpoints, including Structure. They are based on the Bootstrap 4 breakpoints. Depending on your device the mobile landscape width will be different.

By the way, please do not use Structure within your Foundry projects. It has its own framework within it. You’d be adding a lot of unnecessary code to your page(s) and may experience compatibility problems.

Thanks Adam but I’m not sure how else to fix things. The iPad landscape is a popular and I’d have thought pretty standard screen size, but I can’t see a way of adjusting the Foundry visibility stack so that I can get the result I need at that breakpoint.

If there’s another more ‘approved’ way to do it, I’d love to hear it.


If that is something you need specifically you can use the built-in visibility controls in RW to hide and show items:


These may match up better to what you’re wanting. The Visibility stack in Foundry is synced with the other Foundry stacks, the above controls from Stacks itself will not be.

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@rob As you are already using BWD Sections and SectionsBox, you can use the Visibility and/or the Smart Visibility child stacks already built into the SectionsPro family. These have totally user configurable breakpoints and allow building logic conditions between breakpoints and even based on aspect ratio, i.e. landscape conditions.


Pretty sure I’ve tried these and got the same result. I’ll give it another go and report back. If not, @webdeersign’s shout is a very good one. I’ve never used these features of Sections but it’s such a monster stack that it’s not surprising I missed them. Thanks to both!

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