Embed html in a post

Hey Adam, question/request -is it possible to embed html into a post? As a use case, I’m envisioning someone highlighting a product from a 3rd-party store (in this case Ecwid). Ecwid offers an embed code to put the product on your site, so I was thinking to embed it as part of a blog post announcing a product.

It works most of the way but it’s clearly messing with alloy’s code and breaking things. For example - it’ll mess up the layout and it deletes the ‘read more’ button on the blog list. So, I don’t know if there’s anything extra I can add to the code so it doesn’t mess with any of the Alloy code. Or if the toolbar can get a embed/html function or something? Couold this be done via embeds somehow?

I can share the link privately if that helps.


Actually, I tried a different embed code (just a button, not the more detailed layout), and that seems to work. So maybe my request is moot…

Alloy uses Markdown, which does support HTML. That is how you can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos for instance, which is a built-in function of Alloy’s toolbar even. As long as your code is valid is should work. But it must also not break my existing code of course.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Do you mind if I send you the embed code privately and see if it looks wonky? I haven’t edited it at all from the Ecwid site…

I’m sorry, I don’t really deal with custom code when it comes to support. I have enough to do supporting my own products. In addition I’m not familiar with Ecwid at all, so I probably wouldn’t be of any help there.