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I have a collection of edited video files. How do I embed those into Stacks in Elixir? It appears that embedding full YouTube of Vimeo files is a drag and drop, but I cannot find a way to put my small, edited files into my website.

Hi @NeilMike – If you’re referring to Foundry, it does not have a stack for self-hosted videos. Self-hosted videos are quite a bit more work than using YouTube or Vimeo embeds and requires you the end user to encode a couple of different file types for use on mobile displays. Plus self-hosted videos eat into your own hosting bandwidth allotment through your host, whereas YouTube and Vimeo pick up those costs for you.

If you really want to self-host your videos though there are definitely some 3rd-party stacks out there that should help you do so. The RapidWeaver Community site would be a good place to find one probably.

Yes, I am using Foundry. Thank you for your very complete response.

No problem at all, glad to help.

Will Woodgate’s Player Stack is designed for hosting your own video files. It takes a little time to get used to it, but it provides the kitchen sink when it comes to customization.

Joe Workman has a no frills version which also works just fine, but, at the same price as the Player stack.

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Thanks. Two good leads. I appreciate it.

Related response question: Can I use one of the non-Elixir products inside of Foundry’s page “frame?”

Not sure what you mean by: inside Foundry’s page “frame?”, but I routinely use non-Elixir stacks inside Foundry stacks. I’ve not run across any issues.

I can’t think of any utility-type stacks I have (and I have a lot) that don’t work on a Foundry page.

My question likely answered, however, what I was referring to is that a Foundry Page must always start with the placement of a “Foundry icon,” (Stack?), right? I do that and I also typically use a "Container below that. So I was wondering if either of those would restrict my ability to utilize a non-Foundry icon (action)? Again, I think this question has already been answered but for those who couldn’t decipher my non-stack or non-Elixir (Foundry) language, I provide the above answer. Thanks, again, to all who have helped here.

@NeilMike You should be able to use just about any 3rd-party, non-Foundry stack in your Foundry projects. You still want your main Foundry stack at the top of the page, but most stacks should work with Foundry.

I did buy PlayerStacks, and I’ve been working with it this afternoon. Works great inside of Foundry stack at top of page, as well as inside my Container stack. Thanks, again.


I have uploaded my mp4 files to YouTube and then linked to those files using the Foundry video stack. I have used the “Embed” stack in the past with the embed codes that can be generated by OneDrive, YouTube, etc, but having the mp4 file on YouTube and just using the video file share code is much easier.

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I’ve done “embedding” often in the past, and I expect to do it again in the future. You are absolutely correct with how easy it is. The reason I’m not doing that here and, therefore, needed to be able to post videos directly is because I have a dozen videos being used to tell a story, and they’ve been given to me by my partner from PowerPoints he’s created. Importantly, they have all been edited down in length, which is a good thing, hence the reason for posting the actual videos instead of embedding YouTube or Vimeos.

As a point of emphasis, PlayerStacks has been fantastic for my needs, and when I ran into a bit of a problem, I received very fast and good turnaround on my ticket, quickly solving my problem.

You could upload them to YouTube or Vimeo, but make them unlisted so that they’re not found in YouTube’s search, etc.

Aha, I had not thought of that. Thanks for the alternative.

have found a stack that does not work with foundry

in past i used Media Element. was a slick way to easily add and HTML5
doesn’t seem to work using Foundry in RW8

Hi there @johnnyed

I’m not heard of that stack before, but thankfully using something like the Video Embed stack works out well for including videos. This is because embedding a video using a service like YouTube or Vimeo, the service handles all of the different resolutions, file formats and bandwidth costs for you. So the Video Embed stack that comes with Foundry and a YouTube account would be easiest. And like I mentioned back in December, above, you can simply set the video to be unlisted in YouTube. This way you can display it on just your site if you wish.

Also @johnnyed – I just replied to you 3 or 4 emails about the topic if that helps.

I’ve not been doing websites for a couple of years, but just getting back into it. Still love Foundry the best!

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