Embedding an audio player in Foundry

Hi folks,

I’m considering a purchase of Foundry, but there are a couple of things I can’t figure out how to do in advance. One of the big things is that I will need to embed various audio players for different clients: mainly Bandcamp, Spotify, and/or SoundCloud players. These various players can generally be output into HTML code, which is then pasted into a site design. How would I go about incorporating this into a Foundry site? Which stack(s) would be most useful? Paragraph?

A similar application would be embedding a Songkick or Bandsintown “tour dates” feed.

Thanks, and sorry if it’s a dumb question.


Not a dumb question at all.

You can put the SoundCloud or other player embedded HTML code inside a stacks HTML stack and then put the stack where you want the player to appear. It really is that simple and works well.

Oh, gotcha. I can just use the “normal” HTML stack included with Stacks. D’oh. It was a little bit of a dumb question. Heh. I was already forgetting that I could use other stacks besides what comes with Foundry itself.

Thanks so much!

I bet you could use Foundry with GoCMS as well - and that allows clients to add their own SoundCloud tracks from within the CMS.