Embeds missing?

I’ve just installed Alloy 3.
Should I be able to find an Embeds stack in the stacks library?

My understanding is that it should be in the Alloy section of your library. Maybe check there and if not, check to see that v3 installed correctly?

You need to drag & drop from the Editor, Embeds page. Worth watching the videos - Adam’s put a lot of effort into them - all on the Elixir Graphics YouTube channel.

Make sure you’re running Stacks 4.0.4 for now - there’s a bug in 4.1.x that’s currently causing issues for Embeds & Droplets, which I gather @isaiah is working on.

EDIT: Just seen a post from Adam saying that Stacks 4.1.2 fixes the issue.

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Thanks all I’ll check it out

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For me, Embed worked as it should once I republished all files.
Thanks again for responses