Embeds not showing in browser

Hi Everyone
I have put 3 embeds on the home page of a site Im building. (Routes, Private Hire and Quotes) In RW the embeds show correctly and when I preview the page in a browser via RW the embeds show. However when I go to the website itself they are not showing. Anyone any ideas what I might be doing incorrectly please?



There’s not much that can be seen on the published page. PHP is a server-side language so none of use can see if on the browser side of things.

Can you share your project file? If so email me a ZIP file containing it. You can send it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If you also include the index.php file from your server for that page in the ZIP file that too would be helpful.

Thanks Adam. I have e-mailed both to you

I have deleted the last two posts as I was talking utter rubbish!! Sorrrrrrrrrie!!! :slight_smile:

I published a test on my server using the project file just as you sent it and it is working A-OKAY:


Though your images are quite large and take a while to load, so you’ll want to look at compressing those.

That said the embeds seem to be working fine, even cross domain.

Can you let me know what version of PHP you’re running?

I know the images are still large. This is just a sandbox for designing stuff and I haven’t decided on the images yet so haven’t bothered minimising them. I assume that this doesnt make any difference to the embed.

I was running php 7.2 but have upgraded to 7.4. On my server it doesnt seem to have made any difference. It still doesnt work.

What can I try next please?

It does not, I was simply pointing it out in an effort to be helpful.

Have you made an attempt to test on another server if you have access to you?

Do you have a PHP error log on your server you can share with me?

I know it is working within the Reveal stack here on my server, but you might try simplifying it by taking the Embeds out of the animation stack and trying it as well. This is just a long shot, but simplifying things is always best practice.

Speaking of simplification – you might want to also try making a new, very simple page to test things out as well.

Server is Chillidog and no right at the mo I don’t have another one.
I have tried making another embed and replacing one of the three ones and still didn’t work. I’ll make a plain page and try on that and see what happens. Thanks Adam

OK. Sounds like a plan. Like I said, it seems to be working just fine here with the project you sent me, so my guess would be something to do with your server setup.

and still doesnt work.

Ive literally only put on the page - foundry control, alloy, a container and margin stack and then one of the embeds.
Shows fine in preview and in preview with a browser.

I agree this is the server.
But what on the server?

That is going to be something to talk to your host about. You’ll want to reach out to them at support at chillidoghosting dot com

I’ve talked to one of their support staff and they say to send them your live URL and the details of your problem.

Thanks Adam. I’ll contact them

Sounds good. I’m sure they’ll get it sorted.

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have you got any solutions about your issue? I’m on chillidog as well, having the same issue


We’re working on testing a solution. Once it is finalized I’ll let you know.

Thank’s a lot. As always, great support :+1:

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Hi @HerrSchulz – can you email me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com so I can provide you with a test version of Alloy to troubleshoot this problem a bit?

Looks like we might have a solution for this one. I’m going to do some testing, but should have it rolled out by the end of the day.

I just pushed out Alloy v3.0.4 that addresses the use of Embeds on more restrictive servers. Should be available for updating within Stacks now.