End of Stacks in RW9?

I’m an author and designer of 30 years’ standing, but comparatively inexperienced in coding websites. I can write html, css and JS, but I am very slow at it!

I’ve used Blocs before (okay) and now RW (better). I’ve just built a website using RW8 with Stacks 4. Foundry delivered, and I was able to precisely meet the designs prior to building.
Great. Here’s my concern…

I am hearing chatter that the upcoming RW9 means the end of Stacks. Not sure if that is true. But if it is, does that mean I cannot maintain the website I have just built if I upgrade to RW9?
I’d appreciate views on this.


As things stand CURRENTLY, Isaiah will not be porting Stacks to work with RW9. Instead, he is developing Stacks 5, which will be a standalone app.

Realmac have stated that RW9 will import stacks from Developers who OPT IN. Many Developers have said that they won’t be opting in, for reasons that have been done to death across many forums.

@elixirgraphics has committed to supporting existing users, and will therefore support both platforms. There’s a Q&A here.

Will your other stacks continue to work? Impossible to say, right now. Will the new Stacks app open your RW8 projects? Unknown.

We’re all in the same boat, as things stand today.

What we know currently is covered in the Q&A I posted that @jacksona linked to. When we know more and I have a developer beta of each app in-hand we can discuss and dissect the finer details.

For now check out the Q&A:


I’m in the same situation. Two years ago I started (for the 1st time) using RW and bought RW8 with Stacks 3 & then 4. Chose to buy Foundry and all related products (very happy with my choice) and added some addons from Joe and other developers, but my main package is Foundry.

So I was very happy to read Adam’s post that he will continue supporting RW. I build one site and as a customer I want the site to continue to work and all developers to continue updating their products as Adam. I purchase Stacks 3 & 4 so I’m expecting as customer this product and all products bought for RW8 to be updated and supported under RW8. If not this is not very customer friendly support.

As a customer I would like to chose which platform I want to use in the future RW8 or maybe RW9 or stack5, but this is my decision and I would like to thank @elixirgraphics that he will support his customers, no matter which platform they will chose…That’s the correct way to support your customers and not pushing them to GO to only one new platform…


@Valsirob Yep, same here. Foundry (and the support) is top drawer. I also have a few stacks from Joe. I think we can expect Adam and Joe to continue ongoing support.

I also have a couple of stacks from Big White Duck and Blueprint SVG, etc.

My worry is that it only takes one of them to break in RW9 for everything to go pear-shaped. If RW9 does indeed caused some stacks to break, then those at Realmac need their heads examined.

Like I said, we have very limited knowledge of both apps at this point. I’ll update the Q&A thread, or make a new one when we have more information. With that I’m going to close this thread but if you’ve got specific questions feel free to post them in the Q&A thread and I’ll be glad to address them the best I can with the information I have. :+1: