Equalize doesn't seem to work with Card stacks

Ah, right. The .card class does allow me some control for what I want (just shadows). But as an aside, I’ve tried Card stacks inside Equalize and it’s not working. Is Equalize only for columns?

Nope, you can use Equalize with a Card stack. Card even has an Equalize Item child stack. It is likely you’re not properly placing the Equalize child stacks in the right order. Go back and rewatch the Equalize tutorial video carefully and follow along with it as you do. :+1:

Yep. Watched the video ages ago, when it was still black and white. The bit I missed was the Card’s Equalise Item child. Works a treat. And I can even get the shadows I was through the .card class.
Thanks. :ok_hand:

One thing, though. It seems that if the Card header wraps on two or more lines then equalisation is lost. Or am I missing something again?

Equalize works based on the content within the Equalize child stack. The stack equalizes the two child stacks making them match each other’s heights. This is something I believe is mentioned in the video for Equalize, but I can’t remember specifically right now as it has been quite some time since I recorded that video. That said, the Card stack’s Header section is not included in that. The stack works differently than what you’re expecting I believe.

Understood. :+1: The video doesn’t mention Card stacks. I’ll have a play.

I was referring more to how the Equalize stack works. Not Card in particular –

Yeah, I get that. But since card headers are outside the equalisation range, I’ll have a play around and see what I can do. Cheers.

Right, that was what I was explaining.

Anyway, to make it clear what Equalize affects, I’ve added a red border to the Equalize child stacks in this example. You’ll notice that the two child stacks match their heights to one another. They don’t affect anything else besides themselves. They can’t act on the Card, or any other element:

Side note: I’ve split this conversation about Equalize off into its own thread since the previous thread was about shadows for the Card stack.

:smiley: Yeah, honestly, you are clear as a bell. I think I’ll play around with the .card-header style.

As an update… Seems the Card header accepts html markup and entities. That, coupled with the .card-header class means I’ve got exactly what I want. :beers: