Equalize problem F3

Inside an Accordion section I have a card stack in each of two columns, and a Paragraph within an Equalise stack (both set to the same Preset Identifier).
But as on the screenshot, the paragraph overflows the Cards, and not all the paragraph is showing.

This is the setup in Edit mode:

It’s all within a Partitions page, but get the same thing on a regular page.
Without Equalise the cards appear as they should, except they are different heights because one paragraph is longer.

Before I send the project, just wondering if anyone has any ideas

An Accordion item is set to a height of 0 (zero). This means the tallest Equalize child item within your accordion has a height of 0 as well. Being that is the tallest of the items, Equalize is going to match that height on the other items as well, equalizing them to be the same. You cannot use Equalize within something like Accordion.

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Will it work with Tab?

Meant will it work with Tabs

No. It works the same way. Tabs are essentially just another form of accordion.

So what about Collapse?

If you’re hiding content, it sets the height of that hidden content to 0 (zero). That’s how tools like that work. Collapse is just like the other two. It hides content on page load and reveals it when called upon by the visitor.

I said this in my original reply (please note the bolded portion):

If it works like Accordion, ie: Tabs, Collapse, etc, then Equalize is not going to achieve what you want.

OK Adam. The problem is that as a user I don’t know what stacks are like Accordion.
The documentation for Tabs says “Tabs are a bit like an accordion in a way, but with different organizational principles.” so I thought it might be different

That is why took time and I explained it and answered each of your individual inquiries. In my last post I wanted to also clarify so you had a better scope of understanding.

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