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I am still learning features of Alloy. Was uploading blog fine. Then followed your tutorial for the conditional stack. Uploaded and got this error message when I went to the blog page. Messaged web host I use, and they said there is an add-on or missing something missing. I have yet to switch over to Dream Host, btw

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function truncateHTML() in /webroot/r/o/rober022/primary/www/Blog/index.php:1443 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /webroot/r/o/rober022/primary/www/Blog/index.php on line 1443

I republished the site but still get same message. Any suggestion would be helpful

Provide us a copy of your project file please.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply or send it to me directly via a forum direct message or email.

Sent link. Hopefully, I did that correctly

Many thanks

Hey Bob –

You’ve configured your Alloy Control Center stack to not publish. The Control Center contains the majority of the tool’s code. Without that you’re omitting absolutely necessary code for running the blog and editor.

Not sure why you’ve done this, but you need to make sure that you don’t have this enabled for the Alloy Control Center.

Jesus. I don’t even know how that happened. Seriously, I knew [and know] that, and was publishing it just fine. In problem-solving, I assumed I screwed something up with the conditional stack, and didn’t zero in on the control center.

I need to be more aware of this level of detail. Apologies to use your time for this type of mistake. But thank you so much, Adam. You’re the best . I mean, I know you don’t do this, but I, for one, would certainly be willing to pay a “reasonable” monthly fee for a maintenance-type contract.

Okay, back to my journey of trying to create a blog. Alloy really looks outstanding. And just discovered that the Embed and Droplet features can be used anywhere on the site.

Look forward to upcoming stacks and features!
Thanks again !!

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