Error with Linked List Item

Hi all,

I’m having a weird issue with Linked List Items whereby the links don’t work on some of the items on larger screens but on mobile they do…issue is in the footer section.

The website was originally done in Foundry 2 but I’ve updated one page using Foundry 3

Using RW 8.9.3 and Stacks 5.1.1 as well as current versions of F2 and F3

The first 2 set of links in both columns in the footer don’t work but the other links do work.

I’ve included a screen cast of what I’m experiencing below.

Link to the RW project file.

I have created new List item but still same issue with the 2 top items…if I drag one of those Iist items down then it works…if I drag one of the lower list items up then it stops working.

Seems like just the top 2 list items don’t work…very odd??

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Scott

Mmmm seems like I can’t attach a mp4 file.

Link to screencast with what I’m experiencing

I think it is a problem of z-index between the mask stack and the lists.

Hi Anne,

Thanks…yes I think you’re right but I’m not sure how to change the z index.

I’ve increased the space padding for the top of the columns and that has fixed the issue. However it would be good to know how to change the z index if I didn’t want to increase the top padding next time.

Thanks for your assistance.

Cheers Scott

I think you could do it with Blacksmith, but I tried an other way using bootstrap classes : z-0 (for mask stack) and z-1 (for column 2) as you can see on these screen captures below.

column 2

You’ve not properly setup your Mask tool. You’ve placed your content, the linked list and more, outside of the Mask’s content drop-zone.

Place your content inside of Mask:

Also since you’re using Background for Mask’s background you need to set Mask’s background setting to Inherit and you should be good to go:


Hi Adam,
Great thanks, yes that has certainly sorted that out.

I did have content inside the mask originally but I was going wrong but not setting the Masks background to Inherit.

Also, thank you to Anne for her advice…we all learn from our friends and colleagues here.

Cheers Scott