F2 Banner issue phone landscape

An unexpected bug?

The banner on my homepage displays perfectly on all devices except on an iPhone in landscape mode.
See the images.

The view height for small devices is set to 30.

Homepage: www.denkkracht.nl

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Landscape orientation is going to be the next breakpoint up most likely. Breakpoints are based on device / browser width not device type.

So, I have to change the breakpoint?

You’d want to provide styling for both breakpoints.

I think I did

Schermafbeelding 2023-07-19 om 15.26.52

Send over your project file and I’ll have a look.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

Sorry, I misspoke earlier. Looks like the iPhone landscape orientation is definitely still falling within the bounds of the Mobile breakpoint. I think I was still in the mindset of Foundry 3’s six different responsive breakpoints when I replied. My mistake. So basically it is setting the banner to 33vh based on the very short height of the landscape orientation. Adjust the mobile breakpoint to something larger as a temporary test, say 100vh, and you’ll see what I mean.

Yes, I see what you mean. Thx!

I will rebuild the site in F3 one day : )

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