F2 to F3: Tabs, Paragraph and Gallery questions

I am converting a site from F2 to F3 and just want to confirm a few things.

  1. Does Tabs no longer has a vertical format? Like I used here: Press Kit for Lydia Consilvio

  2. Does Zoom replaces Gallery? (Same page Photo Gallery tab)

  3. Paragraph. Markdown seems like a ton of extra work, especially for a page full of links, like on this Resources page Resources - Oboe Studio (plus the type size issue. yikes!)

However, I did discover that if I highlight text in Paragraph and right click, I can choose apply link and get the old link box to open where I can paste the link and check ‘open in new window.’ My question is, will this work? I am a long way from being ready to publish so I can’t test it, and it wasn’t mentioned in the Markdown video. The links don’t appear to be active in preview, but you said they wouldn’t be. Is this a legitimate shortcut?

  1. As a general operating thing, Spacing now gets used a lot around most stacks?

…Oh, one more thing, regarding drawing a rule across the page. Divider seems to have no thickness adjustment, so I used Border instead. See the line underneath the logo at top of page. Is Border the best way to make it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Number one - check out ‘slipstream’

Vertical Tabs is on my list of new tools to build. It was one of the niche tools in Foundry 2, but popular with those that used it. I haven’t forgotten about it, promise. It was just one of the previous tools that wasn’t as integrated with Bootstrap at the time. Bootstrap 5 provides more ways to accomplish that sort of layout now, so it will definitely make its way into Foundry.

Yes. This makes things more modular and gives you a greater deal of control in your gallery’s layout and design. The free Maker templates that came with your purchase contains a few examples of galleries that you should give a look. That said, a dedicated Gallery tools is in the works for those who do not want or need the flexibility of laying out their own gallery how they like.

It really isn’t any harder. You can do it all without needing to touch the mouse. Put square brackets around the text you want to link and then put the link itself in parentheses immediately following it. As you do this a couple of times I think you’ll find it takes the same amount of effort, or less. If you really want to use the mouse though Stacks has a link button in the Markdown popup that is available. But honestly it is slower than just typing things out. Markdown is designed to speed things up.

Only around things you need Padding or Margin. This modular approach cuts down on unnecessary code, both for your site and within Edit Mode. As well as it provides more flexibility in your page design.

Correct. Different thicknesses causes problems with the Divider tool’s included Badge feature.


To eliminate this we’ve stuck with a 1px border for the Divider, which is the most used thickness. Using the Border tool is a fine way to do what you want. In web design there is almost always several paths to achieving a goal.

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Thanks for the quick and complete response. :slight_smile: It’s always false assumptions that get me in trouble, so I just wanted to be sure I understood the changes correctly.

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