F3/ Logo top left w/o using NavBar

I don’t really need a NavBar, if I can enable placement of a logo in upper left hand corner of page. As you can see (https://neilkosterman.com), I’ve tried using a NavBar, and I have inserted an image of my desired logo in relatively large .png size (~4x6"), but it is held to the height of the NavBar. What do I use to just place the Logo there without all the hassle?

You could just use an image tool. No need to do anything crazy. Set a max-width to your liking.

Want a background? Background tool around the image. Adjust it with some padding maybe using the Spacing tool between the two.

Do you need it in a fixed location or just want it to scroll away when the page is scrolled? Wrap it all in a Pin tool.

Excellent. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

Hi Adam. Your recommendation has the logo to top left, which is where I want it. In your screenshot solution you select the Image, but on the right it shows up as “Stacks,” which has an alignment function, but Image does not. What am I missing.

Secondarily, on my website you can see my “Contact” button in the upper right. Can I align it with my logo on the left?


Sorry, I neglected to include the screenshots. Here they are.

Adam’s instructions are for Foundry 3. Seems like you’re using Foundry 2. Is that correct?

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Indeed that does seem to be the case. Color me embarrassed, as I typically have only F3 items showing. Obviously, not in this case. Thanks.

Any quick thoughts on how i might effectively align my logo with my “Button” on the right top?

If I were doing it I’d just use a Navigation Bar and set custom height adjustment in the Navigation Bar settings. But you can use a columns tool as well with some customization, too.

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DM me an email and I will send you a project file. It uses the container tool set to css grid

I had not thought of the Columns tool with which I’m more familiar than the Nav tool. So I may try that.

What do you mean when you say, “DM me an email?” I would like to see your approach.

Click on my avatar and it will give you an option to message me directly

Hi Steve. Thanks, again, for all of your kind assistance. You’ve opened my eyes to some new, cool things.

Having said that, I’m now stuck again. In order to apply any one of the items provided in order to align my logo on the left and my button on the right, I need to be able to deconstruct the anchor I used for the button, and I’ve not figured out yet how to that. I can make the anchor go away in the code, but I cannot find the hashtag for it anywhere in the rest of the code.

So we’re clear, I’ve put the anchor near the bottom of my page, but the Button appears in the upper right and when activated it takes the user to the contact page at the bottom. Please advise how I can find the anchor ID in order to reconfigure as needed. Thanks.

Here’s a link to my project for examination…