F3 - Something Missing

As first: I’m really happy about the Foundry update and i have spent the whole night and the day with Foundry 3.

… but there are some things I miss already

1. How I can ad a Link in HEADER Tool?

In Foundry 2 there was a separate section in the HEADER tool for it

2. Differences in paragraph design between FOUNDRY 2 and FOUNDRY 3

The Paragraph tool in Foundry 3 outputs the entries differently than in Foundry 2

What is the way at Foundry 3 for the output like at Foundry 2?

ok… I have found a quick solution for the Foundry 3 paragraph

with </br> it works…

is this the solution way for foundry 3?

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This is simply a feature that I omitted from Foundry 3’s Header tool. Remember each of these tools is completely new, written from scratch. It isn’t like it is missing or I forgot to copy / paste it, it is something that is not a part of this new Header tool. I see a LOT of project files come through my inbox from customers and I have never seen anyone using the Link feature in Foundry 2’s Header tool. This isn’t to say it isn’t used, just that probability says that with as many projects as I see that it is a very low number of people who were using it.

A goal was to cut as much cruft from Foundry as possible, which meant jettisoning some of the code that I felt wasn’t really being used enough to warrant being included.

This isn’t to say it can’t come back, just that it isn’t a feature right now. If there’s an outpouring for the feature I’ll get it addressed in a future update.

That said…

You could also make your own. Add a Paragraph tool to the page (which is now Markdown based) and add the following:

## [Hello World](https://elixirgraphics.com)

You’ve now made an h2 tag that links to https://elixirgraphics.com.


I’ve added your request to my list. If there’s enough demand for this I’ll take a look at it for the future.

Yes, Paragraph now uses the Markdown rendering engine. This Markdown-based Paragraph tool provides proper semantic code, unlike using the Styled Text engine of RapidWeaver which was used before. The great thing about Markdown is it is very powerful. You can also mix it with HTML like you’ve discovered by using a <br> tag.

That said, try this with the Paragraph tool. It should get you what you want with no need for adding your own breaks.


i understand and accept this of course … most TOOLS have improved significantly in F3

i actually use the feature “at Link” in the HEADER tool (F2) very often … so I thought that it was “forgotten”.

now, it is not the “fastest” way in F3 to create a header-link but it is simply another way …

thanks and good job @elixirgraphics

I found a use for the header link my latest site. Sometimes it just takes a while to find a use for a feature. A lot of the reason that I don’t use a feature is just that I haven’t found a place for it yet. I have an entire project file that is based on experimenting with tools with the hope that I can use a new function on one of my real pages very soon.

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Could there be a simple wrapper tool like a type of Group that could enable you to either add a link or a modal trigger to anything that is placed inside it, so a Header if that’s desired or an SVG, or image to act as a modal trigger? Just an idea, don’t know whether it is feasible and or easy to implement.

That can cause problems depending on the content. I’ve already incorporated a link & modal option in the Header tool, which will be in the next update.