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I’m new to Alloy and I did a blog where I post my outlines. When I post a link on social media the Preview is the website image and website description instead of the blog post image and blog post text. This makes it impossible to me to share on social media since it’s like I am always showing a website promotion. How can I tweak this? I want to be able to use Alloy as a normal blog not a website. Thanks for your help

Hi the @netgifted — sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’m out of town right now and only have my iPhone with me.

Have you enabled the Social Media tags features in the main alloy stack? They’re detailed on the documentation page, here:

I have the same problem. I do have generate social media tags activated but that doesn’t change the posts always being listed as my blog, and not the individual posts. Any suggestions so that the individual blog post can be posted on facebook and appear as a link to the individual post instead of the blog page. Of note…if you click on it, it does take you to the individual blog page, but the appearance on facebook is just as though it is taking you to the general blog page.

Have you disabled the RW generated meta tags in the Page Inspector?

Check this post out:

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Hi there - I just figured it out. I had social meta tags checked on both the Alloy ‘main drive’ (not sure what to call that) and also the ‘blog entries’ inspector. I unchecked the one on the main Alloy inspector and voila…perfect blog posts displayed on Facebook. Much thanks to the various posts in this forum that gave me the tips I needed.

ps…I have a feeling it may have been your earlier posts on the subject that led me in the right direction :slight_smile: